CNC Milling machine is made in the USA. It is a very rigid and precise machine  

It is based on the famous Taig 2019cr cnc ready mill


Recession special comes with free( 1/16, 1/8, 3/16, 1/4, 5/16, 3/8 ) er16 collets, Vise, and 2 End mills (1/8 & 3/16 inch) check out the options page

The controller does not include an IEC (power) cable which is a common computer power cord


CNC Mill

CNC Lathe

CNC Controller









Cnc mill with Gecko 4 axis drive

All options include a CNC mill with a 4 axis Gecko controller and 3 pre wired 280oz motors with cables 

cnc mill options

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Read the Tutorial page to learn what is involved


 The machine comes with

Gecko based g540 drive 

48 volt power supply

 Three 280oz motors

Bipolar 10 micro-stepping

4 axis drive

40,000 steps per inch

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Controller Specs

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For Sherline Taig





Medium production

Jewelry making

Mold making



Lab work

Knife making

RC accessories

Paint ball marker

Pool cue inlays

The Deepgroove1 CNC mills are designed for CNC machining almost any part that fits into it's work envelope.

They're accurate, versatile, and extremely easy to use. You will be amazed at how capable they are.

People use these systems to create anything from complex 3D shapes to simple 2D profiles.

Experienced machinists can choose from a wide range of available options for complex setups and advanced machining operations.

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Machine Specs

 1 year warranty on machine

CNC milling machine