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Computer requirements

Some folks have had success running vista, windows 7 etc

I have no experience running the above operating systems via parallel port

Before your mill arrives you may want to set up your computer

I recommend a dedicated computer with Microsoft XP OS

 Ebay has an amazing array of used desktop computers

I have been buying p4 2.4 to 3.0 ghz with xp loaded

and shipped for $80 to $100 on ebay

Mach3 Minimum Requirements:

I prefer to use a 2.4ghz socket 478 p4 processor and separate video card.

These chips run very cool so you donít hear a constant fan noise.

Used socket 478 P4 chips are cheap and readily available so you can build your own system.

 Other processors such as Celeron or AMD work fine. I just like the p4 processor.

The newer dual and quad core chips can give you trouble. Mach 3 most likely does not need powerful processors used for gaming etc.

So save your money for accessories.

 Mach 3 software is used to control the machine through the computer via pulses which are sent through the parallel port.

You can not use a parallel port to usb connector it will not work.

I like to call mach 3 control software, it is the brains behind the operation.

 The manual for mach 3 is geared towards a variety of users and is quite comprehensive and not a quick read.







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