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Gecko G540
These are new the latest REV 4 drives which include 4 db9 male connectors

The G540 is a complete 4-axis system which plugs directly into your computer via the parallel port and to your motors through DB9 connectors.

The drive contains four G250 drives, which plug into their own breakout board.

The drives and breakout board are encased in a  heat sinking hard anodized aluminum case.

      G540 Specifications:

Four 10-Microstep motor drives
      - 0 to 3.5A rated phase current

      - 18VDC to 50VDC supply voltage
      - Mid-band resonance compensation this allows for faster rapids
      - Auto standby current (70% current)
      - Short-circuit protected (bullet proof we have made over 600 controllers based on the g540 drive and have had zero failures)
      - Optoisolation on all LPT signal pins
      - Two 1A at 0 to 50VDC rated outputs
      - Four SPST to GND inputs (TTL)
      - FAULT indicator LED,signal to PC
      - POWER indicator LED
      - I-SET resistor on motor connector
      - TRIM adjust for motor smoothness
      - Panel mount (5.7 by2.4 hole dim.)

      - Anodized aluminum package
      - No heatsink needed below 40C ambient

      - Easy to service, removable drives
      - Modular PCB design with no internal wires

      - 10kHz watchdog timer (charge pump)
      - Optoisolated analog output for a VFD drive
      - Conservative ratings, premium components
      - Comes with four backshells and four DB9 solder cup connectors