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                                                          Have you ever wanted a cnc lathe that would allow you to use gang tooling?

A cnc lathe that could be used occasionally or as a dedicated  production cnc lathe?

Why not use the x y table of a Taig Mill?

The massive carriage and cross slide create a very robust and stable platform

For a robust and accurate cnc chucker lathe

The 100% duty cycle spindle motor is very powerful and will run all day and night Headstock/spindle are robust and precise
It is the perfect platform for a chucker lathe    
   The swing over the cross slide is 5  inches Swing over the bed is 8 inches

Pictures of the lathe conversion with the optional

 non ER 16 headstock and 3.25 chuck are shown below

The none er16 headstock/spindle is $60

The bored out version headstock/spindle is $70

The spindle nose of the ER16 headstock cannot accept chucks

Only ER16 collets can be used

The max capacity of an er16 is 3/8 dia

 3.25 chuck is $65

Tool post and riser $20

You can buy several tool posts for gang tooling

D:\DCIM\100NCD40\taig lathe adap\full lathe view.JPG

D:\DCIM\100NCD40\taig lathe adap\left taig lathe adap.JPG

D:\DCIM\100NCD40\taig lathe adap\side taig lathe adap.JPG

Your er16 mill provides the following items:

X and Y table(not shown)

Items shown to the right: Spindle motor with pulley and mounting plate

Spindle Motor Mounting Post

Headstock Mounting Plate

ER16 spindle/headstock (for parts 3/8 or less)



D:\DCIM\100NCD40\taig lathe adap\items needed from mill.JPG

This is the only item included

If you do not understand what you need what you have and what you are buying please reread





D:\DCIM\100NCD40\taig lathe adap\lathe-adap.jpg