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Here are some options and upgrades that are available for the mill 

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Most of these items are made in the USA

Precision rotary table it comes with a mount, 280 oz stepper motor

Trunnion table lots of handy items


This is ultimate in fixture plate

Precision rotary table is a bargain considering it comes with a mount, 280 oz stepper motor and a 3.25" chuck


High Precision  Probe

3.25" chuck self centering

3.25 independent jaw chuck

Rotary Table small

R8 collet  rotary table

Indexable face mill

Tool post holder with tool

Align your mill with ease!


Gecko G540

Chuck collet adapter for gang tooling

D:\DCIM\100NCD40\taig lathe adap\full lathe view.JPG

Convert your cnc mill to a cnc chucker lathe with our mill converter

        Adjustable boring head

non er 16 lathe collets