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How to set up your soft limits

 The soft limits are enabled from the main screen, there is a button near the DROs.
You will also need to set the dimensions for your soft limits, this is done from the Config menu then down to the Homing and limits page.
Depending on where your home switches are and what type of machine you have will determine how you set them up but I will give you an example for the normal setup.
For the X and Y minimum you set that to 0
For Z Max you set to 0
X and Y max sre set to the travel for these axis
Z Min is set to the axis travel but it should be a negative number.

You can also set up a slow zone, this is the distance that Mach will start to slow down so that it doesn’t over travel when reaching the soft limits, you will have to find out the perfect distance for your individual machine as all machines will vary due to differences in acceleration, velocity and even machine weight and motor size.

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 Quoted from Mach 3 forum

Home is a location where the spindle axis is near the left front corner of the table (assuming you are facing the table), with the Z axis several inches (For a Taig, 6 to 7) above the table.  However unless you have homing or limit switches installed, you cannot really home the machine anyway.  You could set "machine zero" at these locations though. 

The other, and very important,  zero point is the workpiece zero and this depends on the part you are making.  If your part blank is rectangular, you might set workpiece zero at the left front corner of the workpiece.  Workpiece zero in the Z direction will probably be the top surface of your workpiece.  If the part was circular,   X and Y zero would probably be on the centerline. 

Have you read Section 7, Coordinate Systems, Tool Tables, and Fixtures in the "Using Mach3 Mill" manual?   There is also some information on touching off to determine your work piece zeros in Section 7.

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 Here is the link for videos on the left hand side of the screen is:

 Homing, Limits and Offsets.