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Computer setup on xp

I have no experience running vista or windows 7 etc via parallel port

The cnc controller can run off any machine control software that outputs step and direction signals

The most popular and widely used software is mach 3

There is a lot of documentation here, please read it

The easiest method of setup is

using our xml

G540 XML File

Right click and save to

Mach 3 folder












How to calibrate your axis tutorial  

xml files and pasting mach license tutorial  

Mach 3 install tutorial  


Reversing stepper direction

Setting up soft limits-home

Mach 3 tutorial pages


Manual settings for mach 3


The steps per unit are calculated as follows

 motors 200 steps per rev

 X motor drive microsteps X motor turns per inch

200X10X20=40000 steps per inch

Mach 3 db 25 Pin set up

X axis step pin 2 direction pin 3

Y axis step pin 4 direction pin 5

Z axis step pin 6 direction pin 7

A axis step pin 8 direction pin 9


Motor tuning setting


I generally use an acceleration of 4-5.5 and velocity of 30-40






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CNC Lathe

CNC controller








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