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4th Axis Trunion Table

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This an excellent deal

The tail stock, fixture plate and rotary table can be used separately

  • Matrix fixture plate
  • Precision rotary table
  • Rotary table vertical mount can be used horizontal
  • Live center tailstock
  • 280oz stepper motor

Trunion Table Assembly

The rotary table is 2" high and 4" (100mm) in diameter.

The main components have been machined from solid bar stock steel, and the complete unit weighs seven pounds. It features a 72-tooth worm gear.

To maintain the required degree of accuracy, the base of the rotary table and the worm housing are ground as a pair in the production process.

It would not be possible to maintain this level of accuracy if the CNC worm gear and ring gear were not simultaneously ground together.


The matrix table is built on a “matrix” hole concept

The plate precision ground cast aluminum plate which is used in mold making, not some unstable junk

This system is faster, easier to use and more flexible then t-slots

182 10-32 tapped holes on 1/2” centers

  • 1/2”x 4” x 14” aluminum mounting surface precision ground cast plate for flatness
  • All tapped holes thread formed for maximum strength
  • 2 bar clamps
  • 2 cam screws
  • 4 non cam screws
  • 4 half inch rounds


$565+ shipping

trunion table